7 Secrets to Successful Trade Show Exhibitions

Here are seven important considerations if you want to maximize your returns from your trade exhibitions:

One: Attractive show display

Make sure you have 1 big eye-catching visual image. Use 5-20 words only. The more words on your trade show display the fewer times they would be read. Include a statement of benefits of your product or bullet point of services. Use your slogan/ tag line and not your entire story. Colours of the display are determined by your brand colours and latest design trends.

Two: Strategic location of booth

Have more aisle space bordering your booth, for more opportunities for booth staffer to engage attendees

Three: Plan to Attract Crowds

The larger the crowd in your booth, the more other people will want to visit. Get people to stop by having a demo, serving food, coffee, organising games  or holding a raffle. If you have an interesting video, why not run it?

Four: Have the right booth staffer

The more fun an attendee is having at your booth, the more likely they will do business with you after the show. Emotional connection with staffer is important because 85% of what attendees remember is the staffer. The best booth staffer listens more than they talk.

Five: Collect leads

Make sure you ask for cards or contact details and have a place to keep your leads eg box for biz cards or a subscriber list on a tablet.

Six: Measuring effectiveness of each exhibition

Measure leads per staffer and the quality of interaction. Follow up fast (within 3 days) and often (5-12 contacts) for each lead.

Seven: Exhibition strategy

If you keep exhibiting the same shows, the more likely you will have repeat customers. Only 10-15% of attendees is your real client base, and from that 80% of future revenues comes from 20% of current customers. Refresh trade show displays, do exhibit rentals so you can change often.

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