2016 Trends in US Food & Beverage

Major consumer trends in the US food and beverage markets point towards

  • clean label,
  • whole-food ingredients,
  • functional foods,
  • organic and non-GMO,
  • low-sugar,
  • gluten-free,
  • fermented,
  • vegan / vegetarian, and
  • plant-based proteins and nutritional oils.

Clean label means displaying ingredients that are natural and pronounceable by consumers, removing artificial ingredients thus suggesting a “back to basics” approach.

In the sugar-sweetened beverages segment, consumers are trending towards juices, flavored waters and beverages that contain fewer calories that they deem healthier. This means that manufacturers are looking for natural sugar-replacement solutions to lower calories, or to launch products with no-added sugar, low-sugar or sugar-free claims in the market. There is now in the US a push for R&D that will come up with solutions for replacing sugar such as erythritol (polypol), stevia or a combination of the two.

In food coloring and nutrition, manufacturers are using solutions from natural botanical sources instead of synthetic FD&C colors. Vitamin E is now increasingly sourced from vegetable oils.

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