Convenience Stores as a distribution channel in the US

Convenience stores or C-store sales account for more than 42% of packaged beverage sales (RTD) in the US, including beer sales. Single cup coffee is also doing well in the C-store channel.

They are however in competition with supermarkets and mass merchandisers which price the same products at lower points.

C-stores are oriented toward impulse purchases, especially by males, in an environment where price sensitivity is not as acute as in take-home channels like supermarkets. Their core audience are highly mobile young men between 18-34, affluent young people earning more than $75,000 per year and the Hispanics. These core customers get a lot of meals at the C-stores and also use them as “fill-in” shopping stops in-between supermarket and big-box retailers shopping.

C-stores are also adding ethnic food options and adventurous limited time offers. Key trends in C-stores are health and wellness, flavor/taste excitement, experiences and personalization.


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