US Importers! Know the Food Supplier Verification Program

Importers of food to the US, you should know that by May 30th, 2017, you are required to set-up a program that verifies both the foreign supplier and the food itself as complying with US laws (“Food Supplier Verification Program”). This includes

  • Identifying foreseeable food hazards
  • Evaluating risks posed by the food and the foreign supplier’s performance
  • Approving suppliers and determine appropriate supplier verification
  • Conducting supplier verification activities
  • Conducting corrective actions
Industrials warehouse
Industrials warehouse for distribution and storage


Also, for each line entry for the food product offered for importation, the FSVP importer must provide its own Unique Facility Identifier (UFI), which could also be the Data Universal Number (DUNS) and its legal business name and address.

Essentially, this shifts the responsibility, liability and burden on the importer to ensure the safety of the food for distribution in the US.

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