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We are the appointed representative of Global Halal Data Pool (GHDP) in North America covering USA and Canada. GHDP utilises GS1 requirements (the “Barcode people”) that is is truly cross-border and global,  and based on the Halal attribute. GHDP will be interconnected with the other data pools  in the GS1 Global Registry through the Global Data Synchronization Network, enabling all members of GHDP to access data across a global network of suppliers and buyers (data recipients).

GHDP can do the following for you-

  • as a producer or manufacturer,
    • expose your products to a multi million $ global Muslim market
    • assist you to obtain Halal certification from JAKIM
    • assist you to obtain your  product GTIN from GS1
  • as a certifying body,
    • assist your clients to access previously unaccessed markets
    • aligning you closer to a standardised halal certifying process
    • integrate your system with GHDP

As an introductory offer, subscription for 2016 is FREE if you successfully onboard GHDP before 31st December 2016.

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